All at Once (De Repente), 2021
Cohen Gallery, Brown Univeristy
Always Tomorrow (Siempre Mañana), 2021
Hair and Nails Gallery, MN

Artist Fellowship, 2020
Kala Institute, Berkeley, CA

In Between / Underneath, 2019
Minneapolis Institute of Art
Love Poem Series, 2018-2020
choarcoal rubbings on newsprint
Artist Fellowship, 2018
Epicenter, Green River, UT

Aritst Fellowship, 2018
Cuttyhunk Island, MA

Artist Fellowship, 2018
Vermont Studio Center, VT
Latin American Art Competition, 2018
Agora Gallery, Chelsea, NYC
Todo lo Que Dejaron, 2017
Minneapolis College of Art and Design, MN
YM #25, 2018
Yeah Maybe, Minneapolis, MN

A Pressing Matter
, 2017
Concorse Gallery, Minneapolis, MN
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